Zero Waste to Landfill, a chronological Digest of Achievers

I provide Information Services, Research, and Reporting on Environmental Sustainability topics, and produce a number of standard reports, including a chronological Digest on “Reducing Waste”. Although this has a much broader scope than the “zero waste to landfill” aspiration (although I think dropping the last two words makes it far better!), there’s quite a lot of information in it about Zero Waste to Landfill, and it makes interesting reading to see the companies and sectors that have actually achieved this over the years (rather than aspiring to achieve it – of which there are far more!)

Here are the Zero Waste to Landfill companies I have found so far:

  • 1999  Ricoh Fukui plant achieved 100% resource recovery rate (2011-R-01)
  • 2001  Three Ricoh USA electronics plants meet zero waste goals (2001-04-25a)
  • 2002  All Ricoh major production plants worldwide achieve zero waste to landfill (2011-R-01)
  • 2004  Subaru’s zero-waste factory wins EPA Award (2006-10-31a)
  • 2007  Toyota’s European manufacturing plants all achieve zero waste to landfill (2007-11-11a)
  • 2008  14 Yamaha national production plants achieve zero waste emissions (2008-06-24a)
  • 2008  14 out of 35 DENSO Corporation major facilities achieve zero waste to landfill (2008-D-01)
  • 2009  Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp achieves zero waste to landfill status (2009-10-29a)
  • 2010  Seven Pepsico manufacturing plants in UK achieve zero waste to landfill (2010-01-21a)
  • 2010  Howarth achieves zero waste to landfill at HQ and manufacturing sites (2010-02-00c)
  • 2010  How Burt’s Bees achieved zero waste to landfill (2010-11-22b)
  • 2011  Thomas Built School Buses achieve zero waste to landfill operations (2011-01-00b)
  • 2011  Caterpillar achieves “zero waste” goal at 2 UK facilities (2011-01-05a)
  • 2011  How Sunny Delight hit zero waste (2011-07-14a)
  • 2011  Ten Honda manufacturing facilities in N America achieve zero waste to landfill (2011-07-14b)
  • 2011  Nestle’s Kit Kat factory achieves zero waste milestone (2011-07-25a)
  • 2011  Coca Cola UK marks 50th anniversary with zero waste (2011-10-14a)
  • 2012  Arla foods is 1st major UK dairy group to achieve zero waste to landfill (2012-01-04a)
  • 2012  Four Albertsons stores in Seattle achieve zero waste (2012-02-02b)
  • 2012  Kraft uses employee engagement to achieve zero waste at 36 plants (2012-02-06b)
  • 2012  DuPont’s six ways to achieve zero landfill waste (2012-02-08a)
  • 2012  Three Hershey plants achieve “zero waste to landfill” (2012-02-09a)
  • 2012  United Biscuits reaches zero-landfill goal (2012-02-18a)

Needless to say. I won’t have found all the companies that have reached Zero Waste to Landfill to date,  so if you know of others, especially the earlier ones, please leave me a comment – preferably with a link!



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