Puralytics LilyPads

Puralytics LilypadRecently, I came across this novel product that looks like it may be really useful for dealing with low-grade persistent pollution, such as oil films on water. It’s a floating plastic mesh impregnated with photo-reactive nanoparticles that destroy pollution simply by the action of sunlight. The inventor also claims that it can eliminate E.coli and Salmonella, but as the pads are a long-term control measure rather than a short-term fix it may not be to practical to deal with high-impact pollution such as raw sewage or milk. However, compared to ordinary hydrophyllic absorbent mats, the new LilyPads destroy the pollution rather than simply absorbing it, which means that at the end of it’s working life, it’s not soaked with hydrocarbons, so no hazardous waste to dispose of. Worth keeping an eye on.

(If you want more information on LilyPads, just click the image to go to the Puralytics site)


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