UKCG Ethical Stone Procurement

Recognising that there are environmental and ethical concerns about how dimensional stone is quarried and processed the UK Contractors Group encourages members to address the environmental and socio-economic issues in their supply chain through the following commitment:

“The UK Contractors Group, recognising the inherent risks in sourcing dimensional stone, will give preference to suppliers demonstrating leadership in the ethical stewardship of their supply chain. This can be evidenced through compliance with a recognised responsible sourcing scheme, certified by a third party, or active participation in the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI Stone Group), the TFT Responsible Stone Program, or the United Nations Global Compact, and membership of the Stone Federation GB.”

The concern has been brought about by quarry owners in India (70-80% of UK imports) and China (15% of UK imports) who have little awareness of the environmental impacts of quarrying, leading to deforestation, pollution of ground water and failed rehabilitation of abandoned quarries. In addition, media reports have highlighted labour abuses and other social issues in the quarried stone industry.

(“Dimensional stone” is natural stone that has been selected and fabricated – trimmed, cut, drilled, ground or other – to specific sizes and shapes)


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