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Concretesock Laing

Browsing through Laing O’Rourke’s Annual Review 2015, I came across this interesting little snippet on page 80:

“We have successfully implemented ‘concrete socks’ on a number of projects. These fit over the ends of concrete wagon chutes and negate the need for wash-out facilities on site. This not only saves money but significantly reduces the risk of environmental incidents. We will now look to extend usage across the business”

A little birdie also tells me that 19 socks are also successfully in use by Lafarge to service a major ISG contract in Sinfin, Derby …

Looks like this brilliant but simple idea I’ve been writing about for a couple of years is finally finding it’s feet.

Earlier articles by me on Concretesocks:



ConcretesockConcretesocks are a simple (and patented!) idea – a tough fabric cover that fits securely over the end of the delivery chute of a concrete ready-mix lorry to stop materials dropping out onto the road as the lorry travels between the batching plant and site, and back again. To other road users, its benefits are just the same as vehicle sheets on any other delivery vehicle – it keeps the load secure, avoids debris harming vehicles and pedestrians, and prevents concrete spilling and setting on roads or washing into road drainage systems in wet weather.

To contractors. they open up a range of other possibilities, from simply giving greater environmental protection from washout residue spillage when returning to the batching plant to, if carefully assessed, not washing out lorries on site at all, but instead allowing them to return to the batching plant for washing out and refilling without risk to other road users.

By doing the latter, not only do contractors avoid all the practical and environmental risks of managing a concrete wash-out point on site, but batching plant operators have the opportunity to recover and reuse materials that would otherwise be lost as washout waste on site, making their own operations more resource efficient – a win-win all round.

(To visit the Concretesock website, click on the image above)