Filtration Rolls and Wattles

Tensar Sedi-maxFiltration rolls and wattles offer a good alternative to straw bales for silt and erosion control on construction projects by intercepting and retaining suspended solids, and slowing water flow across a slope. Generally speaking the rolls are laid in shallow trenches, and are staked in place. As most products appear to be fully biodegradable, they can be incorporated into permanent works, and I noticed an interesting variation on this where the stakes were “living wood” (I assume willow) which subsequently sprouted as the rolls degraded.

Filtration rolls are more intended for permanent works, whilst straw wattles are more cost effective options for temporary works. Both of the Tensar products (SediMax-FRTM Filtration Rolls and SediMax-SWTM Straw Wattles) are fully biodegradable – the rolls filled with a straw/coconut fibre mix with a biodegradable netting cover, and the wattles with compressed straw cyclinders wrapped in a photo-degradable netting. Wattles are light and manhandle-able and easily staked along contours of disturbed slopes, wrapped around inlets and drains, along the banks of watercourses – in fact, across anywhere water is likely to flow on a construction site – a practical, controlled, and more long-lasting alternative to straw bales

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