CMB Rubble Crusher

CMB CrusherI came across this new, useful piece of plant at this year’s Recycling and Waste Management show at the NEC in September. It caught my eye as it offers the opportunity to crush and reuse hard wastes on smaller sites instead of paying for their removal and the import of pre-crushed secondary aggregates. As you can see, in contrast to larger crush & screen units that require a low-loader for movement between sites, the unit is readily towable behind a Landrover or larger van, and can be easily moved from site to site. Looking at the company’s information, it can handle between 10 and 50 tonnes per hour depending upon the jaw setting – from smaller 15mm aggregates at the lower rate, to 100mm at the upper. It’s jaw crusher can also handle some pretty large lumps of concrete and if you watch the video you will see it rapidly reduce scrap concrete kerbs and blockwork into useful secondary aggregates.

Note that if you want to operate this under an EPR2010 T7 exemption, there is a limit of a maximum of 20 tonnes produced in any hour. You will also need to register a U1 exemption to reuse any crushed waste on site. Need help with waste permits & exemptions? See my Services – Waste Management page

(To go to the company’s website to see more information on this equipment, just click on the image)