Welcome to my website!

Hi – Thanks for calling by and taking a look at my website!

I work mainly in construction, but if isn’t your sector, please don’t look away just yet. Many of the things that I’ve learnt over the years are equally applicable to all industry sectors, such as waste & resource management, energy & water efficiency, support with corporate policies and procedures, CSR, award submissions, etc. (You will find more information on the things I do on the Services tab on the top toolbar)

If you want to know more about me, where my expertise lies, and what interests me, there’s some information on my About BPS Eco page, but feel free to just drop me an e-mail or simply pick up the phone (top of the RH sidebar on every page) and just ask away. I’m always happy to chat about environmental, systems & other HSQE issues you could do with addressing in your business.

Looking for information or ideas on something in particular? Either scroll through one of the main headings in the bottom tool bar, check the tag cloud at the bottom of every page, or just use the search box at the top.

And needless to say, I always appreciate constructive feedback, so feel free to leave comments. If you found my site useful, please let others know about it, and connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Anyway, I’ve said enough, so now I’ll leave you to click around in peace!

Once again, thanks for calling by.

Regards, Barry.

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